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    Cooperation Policy
         Business has achieved great development since Sandao Technology was established , in which the distribution network around the world play an important role . Sandao technology has always been to work closely with our partners the ability to sell the majority , and to provide first-class products and technologies; intimate pre-sales , after-sales service ; flexible, multi-level marketing , and you can choose the full range of policies to carry out distribution partners !

    Agent distribution

    If you have a relationship , just a rubber seal manufacturers need products, you come out and inconvenient !

    If you have a store, into the point of the rubber seal products, the increase in ancillary revenue !

    If you have a project to do , you need to bidding or other products to supplement !

    If you are. . .

    As long as you have an idea , the distribution of rubber seal products , Sandao technology to support your !

    Do your backing, do you behind the scenes to support you to make the bill together , I have to bear the risk !

    If you are a manufacturer of rubber seals , or if you are electronics brand operation , sales-oriented enterprises , and we can work from the OEM / ODM!

    Do not hesitate to contact us immediately :

       Sales Tel : 0577-62337088
       Consulting E-mail: wlj@shang-dao.cn