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A seal to prevent fluid applications

Release time:2013-12-05

Seal to prevent fluid or solid particles between the surface and to prevent leakage from the adjacent external impurities such as combining materials or parts, such as dust and water intrusion in the internal parts of machinery and equipment, chemical, petroleum, coal, machinery manufacturing and other major sectors of the national economy the basic components and accessories.

Nuclear power, petrochemical manufacturers to achieve self-seals

In the oil refining equipment, dry gas seal system is an important equipment of heavy oil hydrotreating unit, the unit of gas and oil to prevent re-leased to the mutual isolation seal.
Nuclear power is also a long main shaft seals imported from abroad, some experts said, "Nuclear power is the main shaft seals million-kilowatt nuclear reactor coolant pump localization of the last bastion."

China's nuclear power unit made a breakthrough with a number of domestic seal means that China's nuclear power equipment in addressing domestic and export problems are a major step forward.
Although the seal is a small parts of large equipment, but many basic crew member in a class, but for operational safety and stability of the entire unit plays a vital role.