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  • Optional hydraulic rubber seals--To understand the way the latest product information

    Optional hydraulic rubber seals

    Release time:2013-12-26

    In the purchase of repair of seals, seal procurement accuracy is very important, we recommend the following procedure:

    The direction of movement: first determine the location of the direction of movement of the sealing member , e.g., reciprocating , rotary , screw or fixed .

    Sealed focus: activities such as decision points are sealed in diameter rod or piston seal activity point is the outer diameter and so on.

    Temperature Rating: Instructions from the original mechanical inspection or assessment by the actual working environment temperature , determine the required use of materials . Relevant temperature class description may refer to specific production user precautions.

    Pressure Rating : Description of access to the relevant data from the original use of machinery , or by observing the softness of the original seals and structural inference working pressure rating , about the pressure level of description may refer to specific production user precautions.

    Size : Most users will by used to buy old samples , but the seals in use for some time , will be the temperature , pressure and wear and other factors greatly influence its original size, press to select only as a reference sample , more good method is to measure the location of the seal metal tank size , the accuracy will be higher.