The main quality performance sealing tape--To understand the way the latest product information

The main quality performance sealing tape

Release time:2013-12-26

Reactor sealing tape sealing effect depends on the material, structure and installation processes. Sealing tape quality problems mainly in:
(1) long, hard and brittle, lose elasticity and sealing
(2) the contraction off shortly after installation
(3) after irradiation by sunlight or heat, sealing tape sticky,
(4) due to structural causes sealing strip of "false" Installation
       Sealing materials in a variety of chemical conditions in the selection process must be realistic, taking into account cost factors, while we must take into account the environment and working conditions of the material. Under normal circumstances the choice of high-temperature fluorine rubber seal; hypothermia can choose cold seal. Bottom corrosion can be a good choice overall performance seals, such as EPDM rubber seal; If you want to achieve food grade, you can use silicone rubber seal.