Types of rubber, characteristics and uses--To understand the way the latest product information

Types of rubber, characteristics and uses

Release time:2013-12-26

These basic properties of rubber , it has become the industry is excellent damping , sealing, flexing , abrasion , corrosion, insulation and adhesive materials .
Classification of rubber
1 . According to sources of raw materials and methods
Rubber can be divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber into two categories. Wherein the consumption of natural rubber and 1/ 3 , the consumption of synthetic rubber accounts for 2 / 3 .
2 . According to the morphology of the rubber
Rubber can be divided into solid rubber ( also known as adhesive ) , emulsion rubber ( referred to as latex ) , liquid rubber and powder rubber four categories.
3 . The rubber properties and uses
In addition to natural rubber , the synthetic rubber can be divided into general-purpose synthetic rubber , synthetic rubber, semi- universal , special synthetic rubber and specialty synthetic rubber .
4 . According to the physical form of rubber
Can be divided into hard plastic and soft rubber , and plastic mix and so on.
The rubber type and cross-linked forms of industrial use , rubber and can be classified as follows .
A class by heat and oil and other functions are divided into: ordinary rubber , heat-resistant rubber , oil -resistant rubber and rubber weathering resistance, rubber and other specialty chemical media .