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    Product Advisory:

          If you have any questions about product selection, product prices, product delivery, and other product-related information about the product advisory function will answer your questions.

    Catalog Request :

          Still looking for detailed product item? Still worried about whether the information available to complete it? We can provide you with the latest and most complete product catalog , including Sandao information technology products and selection of reference information .


    Request a product sample

          You do not have to worry about our components do not match with your product, you can sample a variety of products in this application , pre- performance testing , quality Sandao the perfect experience .


    Complaints Suggestions:

          " Listen to the voice of the customer , good customer service " is the consistent pursuit Sandao people . Company's Customer Service Department is responsible for customer service , receiving all complaints and suggestions , oversight of the company's customer service quality, in order to create value for customers, serving the purpose of win-win cooperation with customers .

          If you are on our products and services is not satisfactory, you will be complaints or suggestions as well as your contact details sent to Customer Service Email : wlj@shang-dao.cn receive your email within 7 working days , we Customer Service Officer will contact you to provide you with feedback and negotiate solutions.

          Or you can phone us+86-577 -62337088 , the first time to resolve to listen to your voice !